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CN Pensioners meeting June 2, 2014 at the Japanese Cultural Centre with 55 members in attendance.

Meeting called to order at 12:10K by president Myron Wizniak.  Invocation :  M. Wizniak.

Moved by B. Clark Seconded by T. Bentz that minutes be accepted as circulated.

Correspondence:  Nil

Presidents Report:

Crib Nite: M. Fedora reported that pensioner members not participating, therefore we should stop sponsoring the event.  The tables chairs will be donated to the CSI Centre at the Brock Centre.

J. Barroso reported that the Web site is being set up and should be functioning soon.

Sig reported on the scholarship program, two scholarships in the amount of 2000.00 have been awarded to students on the Mountain Region.

M. Galanowski reported that 723.00 was raised with the Easter Basket draw. Winner: V. Befurt.


50/50 Winners’. Worsfold and J. Tash

Wishing all the members and their families may you all have a wonderful summer.  See you all in September.

M. Wizniak, President

Stanley Tash

Recording Secretary. 

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