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News to all CN Pensioners

Jim Houston ..our CNPA National Legislative Rep. does a great job advocating on our CNPA behalf to promote issues relevant to our pensioners association and seniors in general. One of the key issues we have raised in the past is the need for Canada to implement a universal prescription drug plan.  A National Pharmacare Plan would dramatically reduce our costs for medications AND our Blue Cross plan costs.

Below is an excerpt from an email Jim recently sent to Ontario councils where several town hall meetings will be held to discuss how to push the Federal Government to act. There will be a couple in Vancouver next week and I will attend. When others in other areas of the country are announced we will share them with you.

What we want to get out to our local councils and members, is the link to petition our MP’s across the country to act on our behalf to get legislation for a program started. The link below, should be shared with your locals, those on your email mailing lists and put in your newsletters where possible. A collective effort will certainly get some attention and maybe action.

You and your members may accomplish this by clicking on the following link, and immediately advise their MP of their support for this program.  

Thanks for your support and efforts in this regard.


An overwhelming majority – 91 percent – of Canadians believe our public health care system should include a universal prescription drug plan. 

Several national health care commissions have recommended the same, along with the Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Canadian Health Coalition, Council of Canadians and the Canadian Labour Congress.

Provincial leaders are signaling support too. The Ontario provincial government, for example has announced a targeted Pharmacare program OHIP+ that will cover full prescription drug costs for anyone under the age of 25.

But patchwork measures aren’t enough. We need this federal government to commit to the implementation of a national, publicly-administered universal prescription drug plan for every Canadian, in every province and territory.

CN Pensioners Association is on record as being supportive of a National Pharmacare program as recently as spring 2017.  Investigation has proven that we can afford it as a country.  Canada is the only country in the world with a universal healthcare system that does not have a National Pharmacare program.  this will allow you to let your MP know immediately that you are in favour of a National Pharmacare program, by accessing the link.