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Minutes of meeting of May 6, 2014 held at the Japanese Cultural Centre with 56 members in attendance.
Meeting called to order by President Myron Wizniak at 12:10K. Invocation M. Wizniak.
Minutes of the previous meeting circulated to the membership. Minutes accepted as circulated.
Presidents Report:
 Our sympathies go out to the  Lubin and Neis families loss of family members.
This year’s Christmas dinner will be held at the Dunes at a cost of 24.95 plus taxes and tip. Date selected will be December 4, 2014. Time to be set at a later date.  Deposit of 250.00 made for the event.
June meeting will be Picnic style in lieu of the soup and sandwiches.
Jake Befurt suggested use of open mike for the new members attending the meeting.
J. Barroso setting up web site for Branch 10, minutes and financial statement will be available for all members to download.
Sig and Stan  will be attending Pension Committee and Blue Cross meetings in Montreal.
 Reporting back  at the June meeting.
Treasurers Report:
Treasurer’s report circulated to the membership, in future the treasurers report will be attach to the minutes or available on the  Branch 10 website.
50/50 winners Angella Stewart and Fred Charles.
Next meeting to be held  June 3rd.

Stanley Tash
Recording Secretary

President Myron Wizniak congratulating and presenting with a 50th wedding anniversary card to Secretary Stan Tash and his wife Jeana

Rafflle Baskest presentation

Looking at the picture on the left in red dress Myrna Wizniak, in the center Margret Golanowski
and receiving the basket is Vera Befurt.
Margret had sold tickets for the basket wich was sold to the Senior Curling and the C.N. Pensioners.
Margret always looks after the raffles and the 50/50 draws for CNPA_Kamloops and very helpful in getting door prizes for annual Christmas dinner.

We all thank you for the hard working lady.  ( MARGRET GOLANOWSKI )


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