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Minutes of meeting of February 3, 2015 held at the Japanese Cultural Centre with 76 members in attendance.

Meeting called to order By President Myron Wizniak at 12:20K.Invocation: G. George Wilmot.

Minutes circulated to the membership. Minute of silence observed for pensioners who passed away.

Recently, T. Worton, J. Ayres and D. Trainer.

Presidents Report:

CN is once again offering to employees and pensioners the CN Railroaders in the community Grants. A pensioner who does at least 40 hours of volunteer work in the community can apply for a 500.00 grant donation to your favourite charity.The application form is on the CN Website, (cn ca ) or ask one of the executive for a copy.

Issues arising from the Christmas party held at Dunes.

Some members felt shortchanged on food.

Not enough serves for table, some guests ha to ask for desert.

Coat racks, not enough, some guests had to take their coats into dining area and hang them on the back of their chairs.

Guests who have trouble walking or getting around should be seated near the serving area and aid provided in order that they are served.

Should you have an idea that will make the Christmas dinner a more comfortable occasion please let on of the executive know; we will keep up a list for this coming year end.

Treasurers Report:

As the January 31 bank statement has not arrived the bank balance will be the December balance of 14384.48 income for January 537.18, Expenses for January 952.58 bank deposit for January 550.00

50/50 Winners: Roger Erickson and Jack Scott.

Recording Secretary

Stanley Tash




The meeting of February was 10 CNPA-Kamloops Retirees members birthday for the month of February.

Front row, from left to the right.

Helga Poeppel, Connie Penner, Margert Golanwiski.

Back Row, from left to the right.

Hubert Plante, Stan Tash, Ed Zenowski, John Nykyforchyn, Bill Grey, Gerald Olsen and keith McDonald.

CNPA-Kamloops Exective wish you all, a long life, healty, and happy. Happy Birthday.


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