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CN Pensioners meeting on June 2, 2015 held at the Japanese Cultural Centre with 68 members in attendance.

Meeting called to order at 12:50K by President M. Wizniak.

Motion by J. Matonovich seconded by J. Kerpan those minutes be accepted as circulated. Motion Carried.

Presidents Report:

Should an emergency arise and you are unable to attend the meeting, please call Angella so we can let the Cultural Centre know how many will be attending the luncheon.  When we give the centre a number as to how many will be attending we must pay for that many lunches.  Please co operate.

Gladys Seely has a bus trip planned for Reno Nevada, its 8 days in September at a cost of 391.00.  If you’re interested in going give Gladys a call at 250 372 8797.

Treasurers Report:

May bank statement circulated to the membership, Bank balance as of May 30/2015:  9767.46

All deposits and bills paid to May 30th, 2015.


50/ 50 draw winners:  F. Charles and B. Poeppel

Motion by M. Fedora that a donation of 250.00 is made to Kamloops Hospice House, funds to come from the food basket sales.  Motion carried.

The Japanese Cultural Centre has been booked for the coming year in order for our group to hold our meetings here.

June 19 and 20th is 100th year anniversary for CN, if you are interested in going to Basque please watch the newspaper for info.

Stanley Tash

Recording Secretary.


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