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2015 May 5 Meeting & Members Month Birthdays Photos and music


       May                   June                        July                       August

1 Ken Mckeever        1 Keith Mcdonald       1 Brian Rauch        1 Harold Seely

2 Lorraine Barroso    2 Tommy Pulton         2 Jake Befurt         2 Karen Claws

                              3  Lorraine Scott         3 Jack Barroso       3 John Matanovich

                              4 Don Lyns                 4 Jim Tateishi        4 John Krpan

                              5 Danny Nikolic           5 Sig Poeppel 


At our CNPA Kamloops, E4 monthly meetings, we celebrate our members birthdays with a birthday cake.
For the month of May, 2015, we also celebrated  members who would be having birthdays to include the months
of June, July and August.  Since we do not hold monthly meetings during July and August we wanted to take
photos of those members, at this time, as well.   Happy Birthday to all those members!

               CN Pensioners meeting May 5 2015 at The Japanese Cultural Center  

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 by Stan Kulchyski, filling in for Myron Wizniak. There were 59 in attendance. Grace was said by J Nickaforchyn. 

Pensioners with birthdays in May, June, July, and August were presented a Birthday Cake and pictures were taken

Minutes for last meeting were moved accepted by Carol Kulchyski, and seconded by Myrna Wiziniak.  

Sig pointed out that we had 10 people who didn’t call to cancel so we had to pay for 10 extra meals. He requested that we needed to be informed at least 2 days before the meeting that you would not be attending. 

The Treasures report was read and Jack Barroso moved them to be accepted. Seconded by Tony Duhaime 

Betty Poepell requested that she be informed if there is anyone the membership that needs a condolence card sent her only information is the obituaries in the paper. Betty can be reached at (250) 828-0907. 

Sig Poepell moved the meeting adjourned seconded by J Barroso. The meeting was adjourned at 1:25

Recording Secretary,

Tony Duhaime

Filling for

Stanley Tash


The most recent CN Pension Committee meeting was held in Montreal last Wednesday, May 27th at which both Stan Tash as the Alternate member representing the Mountain Region pensioners and myself as the Regular member were present.

 Some (including myself) of the regular members of the Committee met on May 26th to review the governance issues concerning our Plan.  “Governance” concerns who is on the Committee, Terms of Office, Co-Chairs, Quorum, voting process etc.  

 At the regular meeting, Mercer representatives gave us a presentation of the estimated actuarial valuations of the CN and 1935 Pension Plans which indicated our Plans remain in a very sound financial position.  The valuations indicate an improvement over the last few years and there is an improvement in the balance in the Escalation Account which will result in again receiving an additional increase over the basic $9.00/$4.50 indexation increase in January 2016.  It will be small, but greater than that received in January 2015.

 Membership in our Pension Plan has increased to over 55,000 members, mainly due to a large number of new hires which in turn has resulted in the average age of members decreasing.  The Pensioner population is slightly under 37,000.

 Butch Whiteman

Pension Committee Rep. Mtn. Region




The death of a CN pension retiree or the surviving spouse should be reported immediately to the CN Pension and Benefits Administration by calling 1 800 361 0739.


To assist CN Pension and Benefits Administration in determining the benefits due, the following information must be provided to them:

     ·         CN Personal Identification Number (PIN)

     ·         Surname and given name(s) of the deceased.

     ·         Full name of surviving spouse & address, if applicable.

     ·         SIN of survivor.

1.       Banking information of survivor (If the parties have a Joint Account please state how long it will remain open.)  If there is no joint account, please supply the eligible survivor’s bank Id, transit number and account number

     ·        Status of spouse – predeceased, separated, divorced, if applicable.

     ·        Name & address of the person handling the estate, if applicable, (include relationship to the deceased i.e. daughter, son, nephew, etc).

     ·        Death certificate issued by a medical authority or funeral director showing the exact date of death.

 The death certificate should be sent to the following address:

         CN Pensions and Benefits Administration

         PO Box 8111

         Montreal, QC, H3C 3N3


The CN Travel Card held by the deceased, if any, will be cancelled.


Once the death has been reported, an information letter will be sent to the eligible widow, if any, or to the person handling the estate within 2 to 3 weeks.  It will include details regarding the payment for the month of death, survivor benefits, if applicable, life insurance, if any, and health care coverage.  


     ·         Blue Cross:   Health care coverage information package for re-enrollment as a single person (the survivor is eligible for Blue Cross even if the pensioner had only single coverage or was not even covered).


     ·         Life Insurance (if any) – will be verified and confirmed with instructions on where to submit the claim.


·         If there are any pension payments issued after the date of death a request for reimbursement will also be included in the letter.


If the spouse predeceases the pensioner the following information will be required:

     ·         Name of deceased spouse

     ·         Date of death

     ·         Address and phone number


Once the death has been reported, an information letter will be sent to the pensioner within 2 to 3 weeks.  It will include the following information:  


     ·         Blue Cross – if the pensioner has coverage he/she will receive an information kit for re-enrollment as a single person which must be completed and sent to Blue Cross.

 NOTE: CN Pension and Benefits does not inform Blue Cross of the death of a spouse. Failure to submit a re-enrollment as a single person will result in a continuation of the current premiums (prior to the death of spouse) from the CN pension payment.  The pensioner can also phone Blue Cross with any questions about the types of coverage available.   

     ·         Life Insurance (if any) Change of beneficiary form will be sent, if applicable



            David Simpson


                                                National Council

                                                Phone: 613-395-0921



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