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Message from National Treasurer/Membership Chairman


Today is October 19th and as I look out the window

the changing of the season is so evident with the

leaves so colourful falling from the trees, being blown

by light winds and covering the ground like a blanket.

When God drops his paintbrush, the earth and its

awesome beauty is so delightfully transformed. Autumn

is truly the season for serious artists.

Fall is also another time that the CN Pensioners’

Association performs its Annual Review to assess its

activities and growth over the last year. For the Fiscal

Year ending September 30, 2013, we welcomed 1,372

“new” retirees; however, during this same period we

experienced 1,987 deaths. The decline in membership

is not surprising to any organization that has an aging

population, as does the CN Pensioners’ Association

where the average age of our membership is 72.6 for

retirees and 81.9 for survivors.

This year, the National Council of CN Pensioners’

Associations sponsored a very successful Scholarship

Program through which we were able to help the

grandchildren of our contributing membership with the

awarding of ten $1,000 scholarships (two for each of

the five Regions). What is important to note is that

the funding of this program was only available to

contributing members (those who pay annual dues of

$12). It may be of interest to those who had applications

declined to note that the criteria was that a retiree/

survivor had to be a contributing member for a period of

at least one year prior.

This may not be the only reason to become a

contributing member; however, it is important to

note that we can only sponsor such programs to the

membership if and when we have the funds to do so.

Of the $12 that you contribute to the association

each year, only $2 goes to the National Council and the

remaining $10 goes to the various Local Councils for

programs in their respective areas. I believe that I have

mentioned in past articles that only 60% of our pensioner

populations are contributing members, and this number

has not changed in the past five or so years.

The bottom line is that the National Council level

operates on $2 per contributing member. One can

only imagine what other benefits we could bring to

our membership if some of the remaining 40% who

contribute nothing to the association truly understand

the need to support “your” organization financially.

The CN Pensioners’ Association is the only association

that helps bring about positive change to your pensions,

your benefits programs and your social needs. It is no

different from any other non-profit organization. To

bring about effective change requires operating funds.

As we come to the end of 2013, I would encourage you

to become a contributing member for 2014 if you are

currently not.

Additionally I would encourage you to elect the

Payroll Deduction Method of Dues Payment which is

so beneficial to both the pensioner/survivor and the

organization. Today, 96.80% of our membership has

chosen this method of dues payment; 0.60% chooses

to pay by cheque and the remaining 2.60% remit their

dues payment directly to the Local Council to which

they are associated. When you elect Payroll Deduction,

100% of your $12 goes to the organization. When you

elect to pay via cheque or pay to the Local Council,

the organization will lose approximately 35% to the

handling and processing of cheques and cash. This is

your association; choose wisely.

Questions that I have received since the

last newsletter:

How do I become a contributing member?

There are five ways to become a contributing member.

1. You can go to our website (,

click on Membership, complete the application and

send it electronically.

2. If you are a “new” retiree, or if you are a surviving

spouse, you will have received a package from

Morneau Shepell Ltd., which includes an application

for membership with instructions on where to send it.

3. At the back of each National Newsletter, you will find

an application for membership with instructions on

where to send it.

4. We have 47 Local Councils located strategically

across Canada. The Membership Chairman in each

Local Council is listed on our website along with

their contact name, telephone number and/or email


5. You can call the National Treasurer directly at 506-

383-9045. If you have to leave a message, make sure

you quote your PIN, complete mailing address and

telephone number. You will receive a return call

confirming your application.

Whom do I advise when I have a change of address?

One call does it all. Any pensioner (or surviving spouse)

can call the Help-Line Toll free at 1-800-361-0739 to

provide these changes. Periodically, CN will advise the

CN Pensioners’ Association of such changes so that we

can adjust our records as well.

Yours truly

Bruce Peacock,

National Treasurer/Membership Chairman

September 16, 2013