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Why Some People Don’t Want To Be Contributing Members?


The Editor is Secretary of Edmonton Council and from time to time the Membership Chairperson ask me to phone non-members . Often, I hear these two comments:

1.     I don’t know anyone. My husband was a member, but these people were his friends and I see no reason for me to join.

2.     I don’t want to be involve with any CN activities anymore.

Widows who feel that belonging to our Association was the purview of their spouse miss the real point of been a member.

The CN Pensioner’s Association is not just a social organization. We exist to represent you on the Pension Committee and therefore give you a voice in many of their decisions. Who else will represent you? The Government? The media? The legal profession? The answer is that none of these bodies will truly represent you.

All this for just $1.00 a month.

You may not want to be involved with any activities from CN but again the monthly $1.00 contribution is not for the Company but for you, for your association, for your peers. Please try to keep this in mind.

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