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2014 May 6 2014 Meeting Photo Gallery             2014 October 7 Meeting Photo Gallery 


2014 November Meeting Photo Gallery               2014 December Christmas Dinner Photo Gallery


J. F. Barroso CN Rail Work Photo Gallery            2015 December Christmas Photos Gallery


2016 Oct. 2 Welcoming National  Photo Gallery   2016 December Christmas Dinner Photo Gallery


 2017 December 7, Christmas Dinner Photo Gallery       

Canadian Northern Pacific Railway (CNoPR)   

  last spike 100 Anniversary Lunch Photo Gallery Jan.23, 2015 at the Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre, 1250 Rogers Way, Kamloops, B.C.













To all our members. Please note: If you desire to insert any photos with you at CN, with story's attached, please send to us. Our contacts are posted on the Executive page.


Thank you.


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