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CNPA Kamloops/Okanagan Council (E4) 





CNPA Kamloops/Okanagan Council ( E4 ) is pleased and excited to announce  the introduction for a scholarship this year on behalf of the members of  CNPA Kamloops/Okanagan .  This is the first time that our  CN Pensioners Association of Kamloops/Okanagan is sponsoring scholarships.

 The intent of this scholarship is to assist financially in the educational pursuit and career development of families of the supporting members of the CN Pensioners Association of Kamloops/Okanagan.


 This program is intended for the children and grandchildren of the members in good standing

of CNPA Kamloops/Okanagan ( E 4 )


CNPA National Council Sponsored Scholarships

The National Council of CN Pensioners Association sponsors several scholarship awards each year to the children and grandchildren of members in good standing.  Please visit under the Scholarship tab for more information as well as the Application Form,Terms and Conditions.






Recipients for this year of 2019 Are  

1. Mr. Elliot Andrew - Kamloops BC           2. MS. Natalie Simpson, Halifax NS.

3. MS. Mercedes Settle - Chase BC,,                    4. Ms. Taylore CzornyJasper, Ab   

1. Mr. Elliot Andrew,               ( Grand-Son of CN Pensioner Ken Tremblay ) 

Ken Tremblay CN Pensioner and Grandfather to Elliot Andrew who received a Kamloops/Okanagan Scholarship, with President Myron Wizniak.

Elliot Andrew - Lives in Kamloops BC, attending TRU.  Grandfather lives in Kamloops.

2. MS. Natalie Simpson,       ( Grand-Daughter of CN Pensioner Marlene Bye )


Marlene Bye, CN Pensioner, with President Myron Wizniak,accepting Kamloops/Okanagan Scholarship for Granddaughter Natalie Simpson,Lives in Halifax NS, attending Dalhousie University in Halifax, N.S

Grandmother Marlene Bye , lives in Kamloops BC.

Natalie Simpson - Lives in Halifax NS, attending Dalhousie University. 

3. MS. Mercedes Settle,             ( Grand-Daughter of CN Pensioner Deborah  Mould )


MS. Mercedes Settle with Bev Chicoine CNPA Kamloops /Okanagan Treasurer,
 accepting a Kamloops/Okanagan Scholarship.

Mercedes Settle - Lives in Chase BC, attending TRU. And Grandmother also lives in Chase BC


4. Ms. Taylore CzornyJasper, Ab            ( Grand-daughter of CN Pensioner June Czorny )

 Presidente Myron Wizniak presenting a Kamloops/Okanagan Scholarship to  Grandmother June Czorny,  for the recipient Taylore Czorny - Lives in Jasper Ab, attending University of Alberta in Edmonton.  Grandmother lives in Kamloops BC.




Recipients for this year of 2018 Are

Ms. Julianna Czorny,                              ( Grand-daughter of June Czorny )       

Jasper, Ab

Mr. Devin Gannon,                               ( Grandson of Martin Fedora )

Kamloops, B.C.

Mr. Kelsy Bentz,                               ( Grandson of Pat Geddis )

Kamloops, B.C.

Ms. Taya Consalvo,                                ( Grand-daughter of Ernie Consalvo )

Kamloops, B.C.


"Four scholarships were awarded by the Kamloops/Okanagan (E4) Association in Kamloops at the November monthly meeting.  Attending the presentation were recipients Devin Gannon with Grandparents Martin & Malvena Fedora and Kelsy Bentz with Grandparents Pat & Dianne Geddis and Trevor & Lynn Bentz.  Accepting cheques on behalf of recipient Taya Consalvo were Grandparents Ernie & Sabia Consalvo; and on behalf of recipient Julianna Czorny was Grandmother June Czorny.


President Myron Wizniak and Grandmother June Czorny, with Treasurer Bev Chicoine presenting a cheque for Julianna Czorny.



President Myron Wizniak and Grandparents Ernie & Sabia Consalvo, with Treasurer Bev Chicoine

presenting a cheque for Recipient Taya Consalvo.


President Myron Wizniak presenting a cheque to recipient Kelsy Bentz with Grandparents Trevor & Lynn Bentz and Grandparents Dianne & Pat Geddis, with Treasurer Bev Chicoine,



Grandparents Malvena & Martin Fedora with President Myron Wizniak presenting cheque to recipient Devin Gannon.










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